A campsite near Dax

Restful nights and festive days on the program of the stay
Day 1
The Dax Festival: off to a great start!

That’s it! It’s finally time for the big departure for Les 2 Etangs campsite. For over 6 months now, you and your 3 friends have been putting down the same week’s holiday to come and enjoy the Fêtes de Dax. As you also wanted to be close to the sea, this campsite in Seignosse is the ideal compromise! Your suitcases, full of red and white clothes, are now ready and loaded into the car! You’re off in just under 30 minutes…

Les 2 Etangs Campsite - Campsite - Aerial view of swimming pool
The lodge cabin is so nice, it’s a change!

Arriving at the campsite at 3.30pm, you’ll be impressed by the ultra-green surroundings of the campsite ! At reception, the receptionists tell you that your accommodation is ready and explain the final formalities before you can discover it. A few minutes later: there you are! A magnificent little lodge cabin, super cosy and above all very functional. The kitchenette, shower room and, above all, the large wooden terrace with garden furniture delight everyone.

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Cabane Lodge 4p - Terrace
Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Cabane Lodge 4p - Kitchen, living room and bedrooms
An unforgettable first festive evening…

It’s 7pm and time to get ready to head off to Dax and enjoy the first festivities! Concert, surprise guests, DJ set… The atmosphere is incredible, and we weren’t lying to you, this is the kind of event you want to do once in your life! Finally, the party comes to an end at around 2am and it’s exhausted but happy that you get back in the car to head back to Les 2 Etangs!

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Dax \"feria\" - Concert
Day 2
Difficult to wake up, probably because the bedding was too comfortable…

Obviously, after an evening like this, everyone takes their time waking up. The bedding is so comfortable that it’s hard to get out of the duvet. As you haven’t had time to do any shopping since your arrival, you decide to eat directly at the campsite restaurant this lunchtime. Some of the holidaymakers you met at the pool yesterday afternoon told you that the pizzas were really good!

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Cabane Lodge 4p - Room with double bed
What better way to digest than with a game of mölkky?

They were 100% right – the pizzas were simply excellent! To digest, Julien suggests a game of mölkky on the shady pitches in the centre of the campsite. You should have time to play several games before hitting the road again at 6.30pm. Today in Dax was a day for the children, but this evening’s programme includes a show not to be missed. “A concentrate of the riches of the Landes department”, that’s how they sold it to you. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Dax \"feria\" - Mölkky play
Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Dax \"feria\" - Traditional Landes stilts
The Landes jumpers, never seen before!

What a show! “You have to have a good heart when a beast of this size is hurtling towards you,” says Jeanne. “And you’d better not be afraid of heights to get up on those stilts!” adds Pierre. The show ends at around midnight. And now why not take advantage of the concerts on offer in the Parc de la mairie and on the esplanade Goussebaire-Dupin, to round off the day on a high note!

Day 3
A quick workout to get your legs back in shape

Yesterday afternoon, just before setting off for the fêtes in Dax, Julien had the bright idea of phoning the campsite reception or snack bar to book a breakfast basket for the following morning. But pastries have to be earned! At 9.30am, everyone dons their sports gear for a quick muscle workout. In the gym, Jeanne plays sports coach! As a fencing champion, she loves giving advice…

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Activities and entertainment - Sports hall
Grocery shopping for a good traditional meal!

Well, today’s the day to go shopping! Since you’ll be eating out on a regular basis, there’s sure to be something for you at the campsite grocery store. Once you’ve had a chance to cook yourself a superb meal inspired by the region, you’ll need a little nap before giving your all at the volleyball tournament. “Let’s go for the craziest tournament in history! Alex, the host, is still in a great mood to manage the tournament!

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Services - Grocery selling local produce
Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Activities and entertainment - Volleyball court
You really weren’t far off the mark…

You were this close to winning the game! To make up for it, the opposing team is offering to buy you a drink at the campsite bar – how nice! What’s more, the legendary summer aperitif games are about to get underway, so this invitation comes just at the right time. Today, a little quiz about the campsite. Jeanne, who has prepared the trip for everyone, has almost all the answers! Unfortunately, first place eluded her, but she still went home with a small compensation prize…

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Activities and entertainment - Welcome drink
Day 4
Start of a new day in red and white

After spending a whole day at the campsite yesterday, today you’ve got another date with Dax for a day of festivities! First thing in the morning, you’ll don your red-and-white gear and head off for a day of traditions. First stop, Le Patio d’Eyrose for a game of pelota, with the best players in the country! Then it’s off to the town center to admire the first big parade of the feria, animated by folk groups and bandas, traditional brass band.

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Dax \"feria\" - Folklore group
Always a great atmosphere!

It’s 3 p.m., time for the 6-pin bowling competition – you just couldn’t miss it! The atmosphere is so good-natured… It feels so good! Unfortunately, your talents won’t allow you to enjoy it for long, as you’re eliminated in the second game… But that’s okay! You’ll be able to attend the Harmonie concert in the Kiosque des Arènes. And you didn’t want to miss that either!

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Dax \"feria\" - Arena bandstand
And another festive evening…

You won’t believe the atmosphere! Joie de vivre, sharing, laughter… “You can feel everyone is happy to be here. You can feel that everyone is happy to be here, and it’s good to have moments like that! Tonight, there’s another concert in the Parc de la Mairie and on the esplanade! It’s sure to be another festive evening, with two rock bands taking to the stage in succession for a few hours, offering tourists and locals alike an exceptional evening…

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Dax \"feria\" - Party
Day 5
Return the accommodation but enjoy everything else!

It’s been a short night! You enjoyed yourselves last night, but this morning it’s time to tidy up, as your accommodation has to be vacated by 10 o’clock. Before you arrived, you asked reception if it was still possible to stay and enjoy the campsite and its facilities for the rest of the day. Tonight is the closing ceremony of the holiday season, and once again you’re itching to get there…

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Swimming pool - Aerial view of the pool and campsite facilities
Last meal at the restaurant, as tasty as ever

As agreed with the receptionist, you’re allowed to enjoy the 2 Etangs for a few more hours. The opportunity for you and your little team to eat one last time in the restaurant. If you haven’t tried all the dishes on the menu, now’s the time to make up for it! As it’s a hot day, you’ve decided to take the road in the direction of the Sarrat botanical garden. “Perfect, plus it gets us closer to downtown Dax!»

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - The restaurant - Cook preparing a takeaway meal
Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Dax \"feria\" - Sarrat Botanical Garden
Next year, we’ll be going to Bayonne!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the grand closing ceremony, as entertaining as it is moving. At 11 p.m., fireworks are set off on the banks of the River Adour, with the whole world in raptures. And finally, to bring this crazy week full circle, the bandas play their finale on the esplanade Y.Goussebaire-Dupin. “A crazy experience! We’ll have to try out the Bayonne festivals next year, as the 2 Etangs campsite isn’t far away either!”

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Dax \"feria\" - Fireworks