Les Landes,
a real concentrate of the southwest!

Culture, gastronomy, sightseeing… Les Landes has so much to offer!
Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Discover the Landes - Flowers
Day 1
A ritual of getting together, year after year!

Christine and Philippe, that couple of friends you go away with every year, arrived at your house last night!


This way, the vacation starts this morning with a fabulous breakfast that your other half has brought along before the four of you head off to the campsite. Philippe is always the one who organizes vacations, and he loves it!!


In fact, it was he who planned this weekend’s program and booked theaccomodation. A surprise for you!

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Campsite - Mobilhomes surrounded by trees
Pretty fruit salad

Arriving at the campsite around 1pm, the restaurant was waiting for you! As the accommodation wasn’t available until 4pm, it was the perfect place to wait.


The local aperitif, the assiette landaise and the fresh fruit salad for dessert won over your three weekend companions. Now everyone can’t wait to discover the accommodation Philippe has booked. He’s been telling you all about it!

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Discover the Landes - Aperitif at the campsite
Campsite Les 2 Etangs - The restaurant - Outside the bar
Comfortable, ultra-well-equipped accommodation

And indeed, the home is more than perfect, with its 63 sq. m. of well-defined living space.
As the apartment is equipped with sheets and towels, you can lighten your suitcases.
 “We’ve even got access to the wellness area! Don’t forget to book!”

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Apartment Premium 4p - Living room and terrace
Day 2
Surprise, this morning it’s surf initiation!

This morning, everyone wakes up early to enjoy breakfast on the terrace. At 10 a.m., it’ssurf initiationon the Bourdaines beach, just 10 minutes from the campsite.


Philippe had already booked a discovery session directly with the receptionist when he phoned to prepare for his vacation. Everyone gets equipped!


Swimsuit, beach towel, water bottle and, above all, waterproof sun cream!

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Discover the Landes - Surf lesson
Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Discover the Landes - Surfing course
Learning about the ocean to better protect it

Even if it wasn’t easy, everyone loved the moment and Nathalie even managed to stand up on her board several times!


This afternoon’s outing is a little quieter, as you visit the Cité de l’Océan in Biarritz to learn more about its secrets and protection. “Take a look! They’ve even got a 4D cinema, are you tempted?”

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Discover the Landes - Cité de l\'Océan in Biarritz
You can’t get more local than that!

On the way back to the campsite, your little group stopped at a small local producer to buy the ingredients for tonight’s 100% terroir meal.


In fact, you’re planning to spend the evening on the terrace of your accommodation, playing a game of belote (your speciality!) and enjoying some gourmet food. Foie gras toast, duck breast with small potatoes, Pastis Landais… “It’s good, we’ve got it all! It’s good, we’ve got it all!”

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Mobil home Confort 4p - Terrace
Day 3
See you at the bar for a debriefing!

It’s already the last day of your long weekend! This morning, Philippe and Stéphane are going to try their hand at pelote basque, while the girls are off for a horse ride.


As usual, Philippe had planned everything in advance, with the help of the campsite receptionist, so that you could bring the right outfits! “See you then, we’ll meet at 12:30 on the bar terrace!”

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - The restaurant - Inside the bar
What could be better than an enthusiast to show you around?

The two boys come back absolutely delighted with their introduction to Basque pelota!


What’s more, while chatting with the instructor, he advised them to meet up with a “greeter” friend, who knows the local culture inside out and is keen to share his passion for the Landes! So, this afternoon, meet up with this enthusiastic greeter and hear all about the history of Dax!

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Discover the Landes - Basque pelota initiation
Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Activities and entertainment - Welcome drink
Successful immersion in Landes culture

“It’s a meeting that will remain engraved forever!”.


It’s been a wonderful afternoon, and I’m sure you’ve all loved the human side of it, as well as all the little secrets this native Landais has been able to share with you.
This evening, you’ll finish on a high note with a small village festival featuring a traditional meal, a concert and plenty of other entertainment.


 “Thank you for preparing all this Philippe, you really managed to make us fall under the spell of the Landes!”

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Discover the Landes - Cocktail