A surf weekend with friends

An ideal starting point for taming the Landes waves
Day 1
The boards are in the truck and everyone is ready to go!

It’s finally time for that weekend you’ve been waiting for! As planned at 8 a.m., everyone meets at Tom’s house for final preparations before departure. Surfboards and all other gear are loaded into Alice’s truck, and the five friends divide up between truck and car to make the journey. From the campsite, it’s a 15-minute drive to Hossegor, your first stop.

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Surf roadtrip between friends - Arrival at the beach of Hossegor
Hossegor, the temple of surfing!

It’s 8:30 a.m. and the beach is ours! First of all, “Shall we have a coffee in our famous oceanfront bar?” You bet! It’s almost become a tradition… It’s been a while since you all got together… This great weekend of surfing with friends is just in time! You know Hossegor well and come here quite regularly, so good habits quickly return. And off we go for the first surf session of the day at the power station.

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Surf roadtrip between friends - Hossegor beach
Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Surf roadtrip between friends - Surf session
Impressive waves but maximum fun

2:00 pm: After a good picnic, it’s finally time for the second session. We change beaches and head for La Gravière, a well-known surf spot here! Everyone gears up and grabs their boards from Alice’s truck, ready to hit the waves. Conditions are perfect, even a little too good, since it’s hard to tame such impressive waves for a first time. In the end, everyone meets back at the truck at 4.30pm, exhausted but happy. “Ready to discover our accommodation? Off to the campsite!

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Surf roadtrip between friends - \"La gravière\"
Day 2
Super-comfort accommodation!

The comfort mobile home is aptly named, you’re forced to wake up Tom, who was going to sleep in until 12 o’clock! What’s more, today you’re planning to go surfing in Mimizan or Biscarosse. So this morning it’s breakfast on the terrace, a walk in the forest for the more motivated and a swim in the pool for the others. But this lunchtime, it’s restaurant time at the campsite for everyone! I hear the salads are to die for…

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Mobil home Confort 6p - Terrace
Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Mobil home Confort 4p - Bedroom with double bed
Mimizan, another superb experience

After a good meal, it’s time to hit the road for Mimizan. Of the five of you, no one has ever surfed here except Evan, who came here a few years ago and loves the place. With just over an hour’s drive ahead of you, it’s not long before you’re off. Objective: to be in the water by 3.30pm! Once there, the session goes better than yesterday, with everyone getting used to their boards again… We’ll go to Biscarosse another time!

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Surf roadtrip between friends - Mimizan
Alice and Tom loved the aperitif game!

As you got out of the water at 5.30pm, all five of you were on time for the aperitif game organized by the campsite! Tom and Alice are really into the quiz and can’t stop giving the right answers. In the end, it’s your table-mates who win the prize, but it doesn’t matter, you’ve all had a great time together. For tonight, you don’t really have a meal in mind, but the receptionist has suggested a nice restaurant close to the campsite. “Is everyone ready to go? What better way to end the day?

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Flower Camping - Reception for new arrivals
Day 3
Incredible market in Biarritz…

Day three of your surfing road trip with friends! Today, you hit the road first thing in the morning, heading for Biarritz. Departure is scheduled for 9 a.m., but as usual, the overly comfortable bedding means that a few of you end up dragging your feet. Finally, after a good 45-minute drive, you arrive right in the heart of downtown. “Oh look, would you like to go for a walk in the Halles couvertes? Everyone is enthusiastic, and without further ado you and your little group make your way down the aisles to sample all the local specialities.

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Surf roadtrip between friends - Biarritz
Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Surf roadtrip between friends - View of Biarritz
The same vacation memories for everyone!

“No but this is my paradise here, there are surf stores everywhere!!!”. Evan doesn’t know which way to turn, and you’re impressed by all the stores too! Of course, you take the opportunity to make a few purchases. A new wetsuit for Alice, a cap for Tom, and a “Biarritz” T-shirt for all five of you! Great memories, and now you can’t wait to do a little surfing and get back to the campsite to wash your new T-shirts. The campsite launderette should have them dry in no time and ready to wear by tomorrow!

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Surf roadtrip between friends - Shopping in Biarritz
Pizzas by the lake and an incredible sunset…

The day in Biarritz delighted, but tired everyone! For this evening, Tom had the good idea of ordering pizzas from the campsite snack to take away. This time, away from the salt water, you’ll be enjoying your meal together on the banks of the Etang Blanc lake. Gradually, the sun begins to set over the lake “It’s really beautiful… We’re so lucky to be here!”

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Surf roadtrip between friends - Meal on the banks of the white pond
Day 4
Aviez-vous pensé au rafting ?

The alarm goes off again at the stroke of 8am as you set off for Capbreton! It’s your last day and you want to make the most of it. However, looking at the wave conditions over breakfast, Alice realises that going surfing isn’t such a good idea today… But it doesn’t matter, since the start of the holiday, Evan has had an idea in the back of his head: to take you all rafting! He saw a flyer from one of the campsite’s partners at reception and hasn’t been able to get it out of his head since…

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Surf roadtrip between friends - Rafting
A meal to remember for a long time!

“The rafting was amazing! Absolutely worth doing again”. Evan had the idea of the century, and you loved this sensational morning. On the way back, you wanted to pop down to the market in Seignosse for a last meal worthy of the name. On the menu: local oysters, duck breast and a Landes tourtière for dessert! Everyone loved it, and for some, it was time for a siesta! “Or are we going to the swimming pool? That way, those who want to swim can do so, and the others can have a siesta on the deckchairs”.

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Surf roadtrip between friends - Oysters tasting
Pool, tidying up, a nightcap and the next day’s programme!

In the end, the fine team spent the whole afternoon at the pool! At 6pm, Evan motivates the troops; it’s now time to pack for an early start tomorrow morning. Once everything is packed up at the mobile home, Alice suggests a nightcap at the campsite bar, which everyone gladly accepts. “We could make a little detour to Lake Hossegor to go paddle-boarding and try some oysters, how about that? Unsurprisingly, no-one turned down the offer!

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Restaurant - Cocktails and bar\'s terrace
Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Restaurant - Bar waiter