A relaxing interlude in the Landes

A relaxing interlude in the Landes
What could be better than going away together?
Day 1
We so recommended it!

Your things have been ready for a few days now! This morning, all that’s left to do is put them in the boot of the car, and you’re ready to hit the road for the weekend. You and your other half have decided to each take an extra day off to enjoy a long weekend. You really need to relax these days! You’ve decided to go to Les 2 Etangs campsite, just 1h30 from your home and recommended by many of your friends…

Les 2 Etangs Campsite - Campsite - Aerial view
Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Campsite - Swimming pool in the heart of nature
Surprise before the finish!

“Bah, aren’t you turning in the direction of Seignosse?”. No, you haven’t even arrived at your vacation destination when your partner decides to surprise you! This morning, your Jules woke up before you to prepare a picnic in the greatest secrecy… And so it’s to the Marais d’Orx National Nature Reserve that he decides to take you for lunch, so romantic!

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Surf roadtrip between friends - Marais d\'Orx natural reserve
We weren’t lying to you… Everything is just perfect.

After a short digestive stroll along the paths of the reserve, it’s finally time for you to discover the Comfort apartment you’ve reserved. At the campsite reception, you’ll receive a particularly warm welcome. We hadn’t lied to you: the staff here are truly adorable! On site, everything is clean and well-appointed, with everything you need to feel at home. “It’s not too late, why don’t we take a dip in the pool?”

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Apartment Comfort 2p - Living room
Day 2
A workout before a gourmet breakfast…

It’s 09:30! As someone who often has trouble sleeping, it’s safe to say that last night was particularly restorative. In a good mood, you’re looking forward to a workout to get the day off to a good start. Great, you’ve got everything you need at the campsite for your usual workout. Yesterday, you remembered to order a breakfast basket. Now all you have to do is pick it up at the grocery store, and you’re ready to go…

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Activities and entertainment - Room with fitness equipment
Let’s take a walk in the woods!

This afternoon, it’s time for a bike ride! At the reception desk, the receptionist was able to give you all the information you needed to rent a bike directly from the reception desk and to find out which routes to take. “It’s good to get a breath of fresh air! There’s no shortage of cycle paths in the Landes, allowing you to navigate easily between forest and beach. On the way back, you decide to pass by the Etang Blanc. Apparently, you can rent a boat there…

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Activities and entertainment - Bike rental
Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - A wellness bubble for two - Bicycle balad
Regional wine, pizzas, sunset… What a delight!

“The scenery was exceptional! You both loved the boat trip, and the evening’s program promises to be just as enjoyable, as you’ve decided to take away some pizzas and eat them in peace on the terrace of your accommodation. Accompanied by a bottle of regional wine*, chosen a few minutes beforehand at the grocery store, the moment is simply perfect! “Honey, why don’t we go watch the sunset at the beach since we’re not returning the bikes until tomorrow?”
*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Drink in moderation.

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - A wellness bubble for two - Meal at the campsite
Day 3
You’ve been looking forward to this morning in the wellness area!

Last day, the one you’ve been waiting for! This morning, your other half has booked you a relaxing morning in the wellness area. The festivities include an hour-and-a-half duo facial massage for two. “How good it feels! If you’re not used to taking time out for yourself, this little moment will help you recharge your batteries before you hit the road again tomorrow morning.

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Services - Massage session at the \"Macha Beauté\" beauty salon
Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Flower Camping - Wellness area
A good meal to continue this moment of relaxation

This lunchtime, all you want to do is get served! There’s no question of cooking, today it’s 100% relaxation, so it’ll be the campsite restaurant. You loved the pizzas the other night, and now you want to try the other dishes on the menu! For the lady, it’s the dish of the day, and for the gentleman, a warm goat’s cheese salad… A real delight!

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - The restaurant - Waiter
Time to say goodbye already…

It’s already time to load up the car and say goodbye to the staff at Les 2 Etangs. This weekend together has done you a world of good, but it’s not quite over yet, as this afternoon you’ve decided to stop off in Anglet to do some shopping at BAB2 before heading home. “We really should take time out together more often… What if we made sure we organized this little weekend at the campsite every year?”.

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - A wellness bubble for two - View of Anglet