Family camping vacations in Seignosse

The campsite, a factory of memories…
Day 1
The car is loaded and ready to go!

It’s 8:00 a.m., time for the long-awaited departure for the campsite! As usual, Dad is awake before everyone else, so he can make a real Tetris in the trunk of the car to fit all the family’s suitcases. After all, for a week, everything is important. And even then, you don’t have to bring all the towels and sheets, because at Les Deux Etangs, they’re included in the rental!

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Our best family vacations - Arrival at the campsite
Regional meals and races…

We arrive around 12 noon. Lola, the youngest, has spotted the campsite restaurant and is dying of hunger! As accommodation isn’t available until 4pm, this little restaurant break comes at just the right time. Charlie, the elder brother, chooses the chicken panini, Lola the fried nuggets, and for the two of you, a good salad with regional products. After this tasty and hearty meal, it’s time to do the shopping for the week, and one thing’s for sure: this appetizer of local produce has clearly made you want to buy some…

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Our best family holidays - Meal at the campsite restaurant
Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Services - Grocery store with fresh produce
“Woooooaaahh but it’s huge!!!”

After a pleasant first contact with the smiling receptionist, the best moment of the day finally arrived: discovering your accommodation. “Woooooaaahh but it’s huge!!!”. Lola’s right, the Premium apartment you’ve chosen is particularly spacious at 63 m². It’s even better than you imagined… now your vacation can really begin. First step: the welcome drink at 7pm!

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Apartment Premium 6p - Living room
Day 2
For once, everyone gets to sleep in!

“The bedding is so comfortable…”. It’s 10 a.m., and for the first time in years, the whole family has managed to sleep in! When we wake up, everyone’s in a great mood, and the sunshine on the terrace only reinforces this feeling. On the agenda for this al fresco breakfast: delicious Dax madeleines bought the day before, accompanied by some fresh fruit – a real treat!

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Apartment Premium 6p - Room with double bed
Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Our best family holidays - Tasting of Dax madeleines
Step 1 : Bathing suit. Step 2: Swimming. Step 3 : deckchair

Hurry up with your bathing suit! The morning is already well under way, so you decide to head straight for the pool of the campsite for a refreshing moment. As Charlie and Lola make their way through the campsite, they spot the playground. “I promise we’ll go right after swimming. The weather is really great today, with Mom and the kids taking full advantage of the large pool while Dad lounges quietly on the deckchair watching them play. Now that’s happiness!

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Swimming pool - Aquatic area with 2 pools
Bike ride, aperitif and restaurant!

This afternoon, you wanted to start discovering the region, so you had the good idea of renting bikes directly from the campsite reception! After a long ride between forest and seaside, you’re back at the campsite. “Everyone deserves a good cold drink! Water syrup, cocktails, wine… The campsite bar is your best ally to please everyone. “Since we’re so comfortable here, why don’t we stay and eat at the restaurant tonight?”.

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - The restaurant - Cocktails
Day 3
Biarritz, a dream come true!

Today, you’ve decided to set off for Biarritz, a town further south that you’ve always dreamed of discovering. Departure is set for 10 a.m. After an hour on the road, you’re not disappointed – it’s so pretty! The waterfront is spectacular and the town center absolutely charming. As the Halles are open that morning, Dad suggests going straight there to soak up all the delicious smells of the local produce!

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Our best family holidays - Biarritz visit
Time for the first vacation ice cream

After a superb meal in a restaurant near the Food Court, “Le Café du Commerce”, it’s time for a well-deserved digestion. And finally, it’s onto the beach at Port Vieux that you’ll set down your towel in the sun! Nap and sunbathing for Mum, swimming, sandcastles and games for Dad and the kids. “Papaaaa, look there’s ice cream up there! Charlie’s always on the lookout for ice-cream parlours… Since it’s the vacations and we’ve got to treat ourselves, it’s ice-cream for everyone!

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Our best family holidays - Biarritz beach
Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Our best family holidays - Icecream tasting
New swimsuits, too good to miss!

You couldn’t leave Biarritz without one last stroll through the city center! There’s no shortage of swimwear stores. Lola soon found hers, followed by Dad and Charlie, whose swim shorts fit like a glove! Mom is equally happy, and it’s with a smile on her face that you get back in the car to head back to Les Deux Etangs.

Day 4
Club for children, gym for parents

It’s Tuesday and everyone’s up early as Lola and Charlie want to try out the club, which opens at 9am! To keep everyone going, yesterday Dad had ordered at the grocery a great breakfast with fresh bread, butter and jam! The kids are thrilled… This morning, at the club, it’s photo rally time until 12 noon! After dropping them off, you decide to put on your best sports gear, as today you’re both going to the campsite gym. Treadmill, step, rowing machine… ” It feels good to be able to take care of yourself, even on vacation!”

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Activities and entertainment - Fitness room
Successfully reconciling all desires…

The kids came back from the mini-club all excited to talk about their morning! They loved it, and will definitely be going back several times during the week. The day isn’t over yet, and this afternoon a surprise awaits them: a go-karting session! The receptionist was able to give you all the information you needed to get there, and in the end, it’s really not far from the campsite. As this is not Mum’s cup of tea, she prefers to quietly start her new book at the pool. That’s what camping vacations are all about, managing to reconcile everyone’s desires without too much difficulty!

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Our best family holidays - Karting
Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Activities and entertainment - Welcome drink
The kings of the blind test

On her return from karting, Lola hurries back to Mum to tell her that she’s managed to come out on top, ahead of her big brother Charlie! A little grumpy, Charlie soon gets his revenge, as it’s 7.00 p.m. and time for the traditional aperitif game. The program includes a musical blind test, and he’s unbeatable at it. “I can’t believe it, we’ve won !!!!”. The whole family leaves with a voucher for a drink at the bar. Great, that’ll make this wonderful day last a little longer!

Day 5
Forest, cabin and picnic under the pines…

It’s a hot day. At breakfast, everyone is wondering what they could do to stay a little cooler. “Would you like to go into the forest? Dad’s not wrong, the forest is a good idea, and in the Landes, there’s no shortage of it! So it’s decided, Lola and Dad head off together to the grocery store to pick up some bread and picnic supplies, while Mom and Charlie get things ready. It’s going to be another great morning!

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Our best family holidays - Forest balad
You’ll remember the Black Pond!

“Our cabin was crazy! The kids loved their forest getaway. Before returning to the campsite, Mum suggests we go and discover the Etang Noir nature reserve you’ve heard so much about. Once there, the place lives up to your expectations, and the water is indeed… black, as the name suggests! A short 30-minute walk along a signposted path will take you through some absolutely breathtaking flora and fauna. I have no regrets about coming – it’s a must-do!

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Our best family holidays - Walk to the black lake
This regional meal is a vacation highlight!

Charlie enjoyed the aperitif game so much the other night that he begs you to play it again! This time, the game is different, the atmosphere just as good, but you don’t win the jackpot. But that’s not going to spoil the mood for the whole family, who are feasting on local specialities this evening. On the menu: Hossegor oysters, Chalosse beef with carrots and Tursan wine.* for parents and pastis landais for dessert (It’s a cake!).


*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Drink in moderation.

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - The restaurant - Cook preparing a takeaway meal
Campsite Les 2 Etangs - The restaurant - Waiter
Day 6
And once again, there’s something for everyone!

It’s Thursday, the penultimate day at Deux Etangs! This morning, the kids are desperate to get back to the club to enjoy the arts and crafts. Just as well, Dad had planned to try out the yoga activity at 8:30. So Mum will take Lola and Charlie to the club and go to the pool until Dad gets back from his class. At 10.30 a.m., the two of them decide to go to the market this time, before the two little monsters return at 12 p.m…

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Activities and entertainment - Yoga session
Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Swimming pool - Aquatic area with deckchairs and surrounded by vegetation
This could be the best free-range chicken you’ve ever tasted!

It’s 12 o’clock! Everyone’s gathered, and as always when the kids come home from the club, they’re a veritable chatterbox! But all of a sudden “Surrrrpriiiiissssee”. Mom puts the plate on the table, and Lola and Charlie discover their favorite dish: a magnificent roast Landes chicken, fresh from the market rotisserie! The dish quickly empties, and Dad, who thought he’d have leftovers for the next day, has to change his mind… It’s all been eaten!

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Experience - Our best family holidays - Tasting of the famous Landes\'s chicken
As a result, a nap is in order

“It deserves a little nap…”. And for once, it’s not the children who are going to be reluctant to take one. Emotions and a good meal make you tired! At around 4 p.m., everyone starts to wake up and Lola suggests going straight to the pool. The idea is adopted and Mum even suggests watching the sunset on the Penon beach in Seignosse to round off the evening. That’s it, the program’s done!

Day 7
Last day but above all a magnificent moment of relaxation

Unfortunately, the vacations are drawing to a close. Fortunately, there’s still one last day to enjoy! Of course, the kids insist on going back to the club one last morning to say goodbye to all their friends. And once again, the timing is perfect, as this was the morning you booked the campsite’s wellness area. Sauna, massage, everything you need to relax…

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Activities and entertainment - Kids club
Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Services - Massage session at the \"Macha Beauté\" beauty salon
Basque pelota and lake paddle are on the program!

That afternoon, Dad suggested that Charlie go and play a game of pelota, a popular local sport. On arrival, the receptionist told him that a club not far from the campsite offered introductory sessions, so this was not to be missed! “How would you like to rent a paddle and take a tour of Lake Soustons this afternoon? Lola was delighted; it had been a while since she’d spent some girl time with her mom…

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - Activities and entertainment - Paddle
A hard place to leave!

It’s 7:30 p.m. and it’s almost reunion time! The boys arrive first and grab a table at the Deux Etangs bar while waiting for the girls to return. Once they’ve all gathered around a cold drink, everyone shares their afternoon. “It’s crazy how nice it is here, we keep putting off the moment when we have to pack!” And yet, departure was set for 9am the next morning! One thing’s for sure, Les Deux Etangs campsite will remain an address dear to your heart…

Campsite Les 2 Etangs - The restaurant - Terrace bar